ArcticLink III VX and BX

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The ArcticLink III platform bridges the DragonBoard’s MIPI-DSI interface to LVDS with visual enhancement and power savings.


QuickLogic has developed a daughter card that contains an ArcticLink III VX5 device, which also includes QuickLogic’s VEE (Visual Enhancement Engine), based on the iridix® core from Apical Limited, and DPO (Display Power Optimizer) technologies. The daughter card is designed to connect to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon™ based DragonBoard™, and provides an easy way for engineers and architects to evaluate the bridging solution, as well as the effect of the VEE and DPO technology on the visual experience and battery life savings. The QuickLogic daughter card contains either a MIPI or LVDS display like those commonly found on smartphone and tablets for an easy visual examination of the results.

The software capabilities of the DragonBoard also allows engineers and architects a standard way to evaluate all software associated with the ArcticLink III VX device, and provides a known-good starting point for development of customer-specific capabilities.



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